I run a business that’s part of a franchise. I can’t make decisions for all franchises, but I want to use franqbox for my franchise. Can I do that?

Of course. You can use franqbox for your franchise only, as all the feedback QR-Pages will be unique to your specific franchise.

Do I need technical knowledge to use franqbox?

franqbox is easy to use and doesn’t require any advanced technical skills. All you need is a computer or mobile device with an active internet connection.

I already have TripAdvisor and Google reviews, why do I need franqbox?

franqbox lets your customers give private feedback, directly to your business. Our instant feedback alerts mean that you can react to your customers’ needs immediately, turning potentially negative reviews into positive ones. Unlike public review platforms, franqbox keeps customer feedback private and only available to your business. We also give your customers the option to remain anonymous.

Is customer feedback private?

Absolutely. Your customers use your QR-Page to submit their feedback directly to your business. They have the option to add their contact details or to stay anonymous. All customer feedback will become available to you in real-time through your Business Account – it will never be publicly shared or available anywhere else.

Is franqbox a survey software?

No, franqbox is your alternative to face-to-face feedback. While surveys are great, making sure that you ask the right question, at the right time, can be hard. franqbox lets your customers tell you what’s important to them, at that moment, with as a short text, photo, or emoji. We instantly alert you to their feedback and provide real-time analytics.

Is franqbox a public review platform?

No, franqbox does not publish any feedback publicly. Customers give feedback directly to your business, using their personal mobile devices. Feedback is only accessible to your business, through your online franqbox Business Account.

Who is franqbox for?

Anyone interested in getting direct, real-time, private feedback about their products or services. No matter your industry or size – our instant feedback alerts and analytics make sure you are aware of your customers’ needs in real-time.

What is franqbox?

franqbox is a cloud-based software that lets you collect, manage, and analyze customer feedback privately and in real-time. franqbox comes ready-to-use and doesn’t require any downloads or additional hardware purchases. All you and your customers need is a mobile device or computer with an active internet connection.